Manufacturing Management Leadership Days 2018

20 March 2018 | Jaguar Experience - Castle Bromwich | Birmingham


An exciting new series of one-day events from Manufacturing Management magazine.

There’s plenty of discussion about the future of manufacturing and the digital factory, but what does it mean for companies now and how should manufacturers be developing leadership skills to implement the factory of the future?

Manufacturing Management (formerly Works Management magazine) is launching a campaign to develop and prepare future leaders. Securing profit and productivity for the future depends not only on investment and implementation of new technologies but it is reliant upon developing today’s leaders to be equipped with the knowledge and tools that will safeguard and secure future success.

As part of a Continuous Improvement series of events, Manufacturing Management is working alongside key partners that share our core vision of preparing leaders for the digital manufacturing age.

Who is the event for?

MM Leadership Days are for senior site managers who are looking to prepare for the future of the industry.

What is the format?

A high-level, one-day event comprised of a keynote conference, factory tour and hands-on workshops designed to give today’s manufacturing leaders the skills and guidance needed to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Media Partners

Manufacturing Management: Manufacturing Management (MM) celebrates the best of UK manufacturing and the management teams who make our factories world-class.

With 70 years of heritage as Works Management magazine, we aspire to help our readers realise growth in their sites’ productivity and profit through the content we provide in every issue.

From lean management techniques to maintenance via the impending fourth industrial revolution, MM champions the cause of directors and managers in charge of the UK’s world-leading sites, offering them a wealth of best-practice ideas.

EEF – The manufacturers’ organisation: Everything we do, from business support to championing manufacturing and engineering in the UK and the EU, is designed to help our industry thrive, innovate and compete locally and globally.

We work with and for a whole range of people, including industry leaders, managers, professional staff, apprentices, policy-makers, and the media.

No matter their size or field, EEF is eager to provide tools, campaigning and support our members need to thrive. We believe in UK manufacturing and its contribution to the economy and community. We’re here to help.

Zenoot: Zenoot is a single source of information to help manufacturers increase efficiency, reduce waste, improve quality, innovate processes, embrace the latest technology and become more profitable.

Zenoot was created to be the go-to source of insight, information, statistics and improvement tips for UK manufacturers and those involved in UK manufacturing. It showcases examples of world class manufacturing and the very best manufacturers through informative case studies, articles, interviews, challenging thought-leadership and statistics. We bring the success stories of how manufacturers and their partners have implemented improvement projects.

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