Thursday 3 October 2019 | The MTC | Coventry

Why Attend?

Five reasons why you should attend the upcoming Leadership Day

Engaging your employees with the latest shopfloor change programme is often something of a dark art for manufacturers. Trying to convince your operators to change the way they work simply because it’s the ‘right thing to do’ will usually result in banging your head against a brick wall. However, this needn’t be the case. With the rise of Industry 4.0, technology is playing more of a role in shopfloor engagement, while there will always be a place for ‘old-school’ engagement techniques. Join Manufacturing Management for the next Leadership Day, at The MTC in Coventry on Thursday 3rd October for a series of hands-on workshops and panel debates that will help you get to the bottom of your engagement worries. Round the day off with a tour of the plant, to see what you have learnt in action.

Why attend?

  • Time efficient for you – as a one-day learning and networking event, Leadership Days provide you with practical, real-world advice that will help you boost productivity and profit in your site in the most efficient use of your time
  • Learn from your peers – Leadership Days see like-minded individuals gather in an intimate setting to discuss the key points that are causing issues on their sites. Sharing ideas and learning from others is the best way to pick up new ideas that will save you money and boost your productivity
  • Engage your workforce – improve UK productivity one step at a time by recommending these events to others. Go back to your site and tell others about what you have learnt and directly implementing the ideas you have gained, and harness the power of your workforce in improving the way you work.
  • Improve your site – discover new services and supply partners that will directly assist you in boosting productivity and profit on your site. Our partners will bring a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge that is designed to help you and your team
  • Future proof your business – develop the skills of you and your team in a time-efficient manner, and learn the ins and outs of a topic that is causing headaches for manufacturing leaders such as yourself. Prepare now and negate the problems of tomorrow.