Tuesday 5 March 2019 | Jaguar Land Rover | Castle Bromwich, Birmingham

A Practical Approach to implementing OEE in a smart factory environment

09:30 - 10:15

At the end of this interactive workshop participants will have a good knowledge of what OEE is and the benefits of deployment in today’s Smart Factory environment.
They will understand: - how to get started on an OEE project, first steps to OEE improvements on the production floor and how to calculate OEE Return On Investment.

Workshop Content

  • What is Operational Equipment Effectiveness - OEE?
  • OEE in the Smart Factory – Today’s Business Drivers.
  • How to calculate OEE
  • How to get started on your OEE Smart Factory project.
  • First steps to OEE improvement.
  • Different approaches to OEE  
  • How to calculate OEE Return On Investment?
  • What does an OEE Software system look like? 
  • 6 Compelling reasons to switch from spreadsheet to OEE Software
  • 10 Tough Questions to ask OEE vendors.
  • Science of Manufacturing 

Arthur Stone, Chief Executive Officer, OEEsystems International