Factory Tour

Tour of Norton Motorcycles

Norton is delighted to fly the flag as a hand-built, all British marque, available for worldwide export.

From R&D, through component manufacture, build, testing and dispatch, every aspect of the Norton experience is managed from the 45,000 sq ft factory, home to design offices, production facilities and our dedicated team of talented technicians and engineers.

This Leadership Day tour will take you on a journey through the history of the brand to the models currently in production. You will get to see:

  • The Fab Shop – where the motorbike frames are hand fabricated
  • The CNC Room – creating components for use on the bikes
  • The Engine Room – hand building the heart of the classic race bikes (subject to availability)
  • Production Bays – where each two-man team builds and tests a bike from start to finish
  • Showroom – to see the results of the meticulous attention to detail

Return to Donington Hall after the tour to hear from Stuart Garner, CEO, on his philosophy for future growth and development

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